About me

Portret Bas

Bas de Ruiter is a knowledgable developer with a lot of experience in creating smart IT solutions at the business part of companies.
My sharp analytic skills and technical abilities, together with my hands-on can-do mental attitude, make it possible for me to quickly grasp new situations and realize a solution in a short time.


I studied Technical Informatics at TU Delft for four years. After quitting, I became an enthousiastic bartender and waiter for a couple of years in Delft and later Rotterdam. In 2005 I left the catering industry and returned to my true passion: IT.
After working as Oracle consultant for a few years, I am now Sr Web Designer of the Business Intelligence team of Tele2. In this role I am responsible for the design, development and maintenance of all web based applications for internal use, maintenance and improvement of our data warehouse and support and training of our Business Intelligence team. As of August 2012 I am also the Scrum Master of this team.


06 44229998




I am analyzing and developing on Oracle databases since 2005. I have two certifications: Oracle Certified Associate and Oracle Certified Professional, which is the highest certification available for Oracle developers.

As an Oracle developer I am experienced in:

  • Performance Tuning
  • Building PL/SQL programs
  • Creating ETL processes
  • Performing complex business analyses
  • Advanced SQL


I have been programming in php since 2005.

As a php developer I am experienced in:

  • Zend Framework
  • CodeIgniter
  • Object Oriented designing & programming
  • Test Driven Development
  • Designing application architecture
  • RESTful apis


In April 2013 I finished the HTML5 Game Development course on Udacity.

For this course, I created my first action-puzzle game: Tetrocks. Feel free to play my preciousss!
In this course I learned

  • to overcome my fear of Javascript
  • to enjoy Javascript
  • the mechanics involved in game development
  • the power and possibilities of HTML5


As of December 2012 I am a certified Scrum Master. I have the role since August 2012. Scrum is a very pleasant way of organizing work and improving the team’s productivity. The work the team does is very transparent to the client, who also has the sole right to determine the work that should be done. I particularly enjoy the role of Scrum Master, because it is now officially my task to help my team with their work by removing impediments and stimulating cooperation and knowledge sharing.